Research Sketches

I really didn’t know what else to call these. If anyone has an idea, feel free to make suggestions in the comment section.

So, here’s the deal. I haven’t even tried to write in over three years. I don’t think it’s presumptuous to assume that I’m waaay out of practice. Besides, when I was writing back then, I was up to my eyeballs in the initial draft of a fantasy novel. My new draft is a biblical historical fiction project called The Sons of Kalev. I’m so out of my depth at this early stage that I don’t even know yet how different this is going to be from the kind of writing that I’ve written before.

I’m going to dip my toe in the water, first. I know, I know… writers are supposed to be bold challengers of inner demons and what-not, but I know a whole lot more about inner demons now than I used to, and I know that they are not to be played around with. So, ever wanting to make my work do double-duty, I’m going to write these little sketches. After I do some period research or some character studies I’ll try to come up with an idea for a small literary sampling, probably five to ten pages worth, on average. I’ll use these to explore writing scene descriptions, dialogue, characterizations, maybe a little bit of plot work (I have a lot to learn about plotting – it’s long been a weak spot for me), and try to get my writing chops back up to speed.

Since this this is biblical historical fiction, I have a lot of biblical and historical research to do. I’ve already done a lot, but I still have a ton more ahead of me. Plus, I have many, many characters to create. The ‘SoKalev’ characters probably won’t show up in these sketches, but creating these ancillary characters will help me create those when the time comes.

I hope this will help me get back into the swing of things, as well as give folks a reason to visit. Everybody likes free stuff, right?

Sketch 1: Khaba Learns His Fate