Yes, Virginia, there is a plan to pause

A new phase of life brings a new perspective on writing.

After a year of my wife going on the road with me as I worked as a professional truck driver, followed by our spending two years in Alabama spending practically every waking moment trying to make ends meet, we’ve come back to Florida to start over.  We absolutely see the hand of God in this, so we are by no means discouraged. On the contrary, despite the humble circumstances we are starting out in here, Lisa and I are very excited to discover what He has in store for us now. So, while we reboot professionally and do our best to keep our eyes wide open for whatever opportunities God may be establishing for us, we have deliberately set out to eliminate any preconceived notions and underlying assumptions regarding what those opportunities may be. And that’s how it was that, just days ago, Lisa and I discovered that, completely independently of each other, we had both begun to consider returning to writing.

Now, the project that’s been on my mind for years, a historical fiction story taking place during the time of the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt, is still in its early planning/conceptual stage, so it will likely be some time before I have anything from the draft to share; and that’s assuming that I even decide that sharing content from the draft is such a good idea. But the point of this post is primarily to update folks on a couple of things:

  1. In hindsight, the pause in my ability to write was clearly part of His plan, even if it wasn’t mine.
  2. That, while I may not have a ton of time to devote to writing right now, that pause is absolutely over.

So, it’s sleeve rolling time. Baruch Hashem! (Blessed be the Name of the Lord!)

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