The New Website Grows

Hey all,

Setting up this new website from scratch (I don’t even have a dedicated domain name for it yet) means that I’m starting over completely. When I set this page up a few days ago, I had just enough time to write the first blog post, compose the About Me page, and find a template I don’t hate. Today, I’ve added three new pages and a new blog post (No, don’t go looking for it, you’re reading it right now).

I feel like I’m going to be much more pleased with this new site (even if I am having loads of trouble finding a look for it that I can live with). My old website was all over the place with self-aggrandizing content, self-serving blog posts – ultimately a labor of self-love – just like my writing at that time. My new writing is going to be much more deliberate, thematically consistent, and ultimately an act of worship offered up to God, and it’s my hope that this new website will be a reflection of all that.

So, I’m not looking for this website to grow into the sprawling mess that my first website became. It’s just a humble internet presence where I can communicate with fellow writers and attract critical readers and, hopefully, excited publishers some day.

I hope it is well received.